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Advocacy Componentheart

  1. Child-friendly Facility – The CAC provides a safe environment for multi-disciplinary team members to interview child victims with allegations of sexual and severe physical abuse.
  2. Kid's Court - This program is designed for child victims and their non-offending family members in coordination with multidisciplinary agencies. The purpose is to help prepare for the legal process and to provide support throughout the judicial process.
  3. Community Resources - CAC staff can be enlisted to present special programs on various topics. Civic groups, schools, universities, churches, and other interested individuals may obtain materials on child abuse, parenting, and related topics through our Resource Library.

Clinical Componentheart

  1. Therapy - Services are available to child victims and non-offending family members through individual, family and group sessions.
  2. Crisis Intervention - Immediate crisis intervention, emotional support, and guidance are available for victims of child sexual abuse and to their non-offending family members
  3. Forensic Interviews - The CAC provides a trained forensic interviewer to interview child abuse victims to gather information about the abuse in a forensically sensitive manner.

Education Componentheart

  1. Parenting Education - Parenting education services for parents to parenting skills, developing appropriate discipline techniques, and improving coping skills.
  2. Child Abuse Education - Programs are designed to provide information and knowledge about child abuse, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens to you or someone you know.
  3. Workshop and Seminars - Local, state and national training opportunities are made available to members of our multidisciplinary agencies. Training is provided in areas of child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment for professionals and non-professionals.


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