2016 Wish List heart

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Hand sanitizers, disinfectants and deodorizers

Journals, books, games, basketballs, footballs, baseball gloves, and DVD’s for all ages

Paper products- Kleenex; toilet tissue; paper towels, cups, and napkins; all sizes of zip-lock bags,
aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, garbage bags, etc.

Snacks (individually wrapped) and boxed juices

Underwear, socks and pajamas for all ages (NEW)


  • Art-markers, crayons, chalk, glue, stickers, mason jars (all sizes), foam picture frames, ribbon, and yarn
  • Office-all colors of copy paper, pens, pencils, all sizes of file folders, USB flash drives and postage stamps
  • School- packs of loose notebook paper, packs of single color construction paper, USB flash drives,composition note books, 3 ring note books (1 and 2 inch), pocket folders, graph paper, scientific calculators, mechanical pencils and lead, pencils, pens, markers, and backpacks

Volunteer to plan, coordinate, and conduct a fundraising event for the CAC

Volunteer and participate in the two CAC fundraising events:

  1. “Blue Ribbon Campaign” held in April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  2. “Tee Off for Kids” golf tournament held on the third Thursday in September

Sponsor a child for full CAC services for one year:

$2.75 per day

$19.25 per week

$83.25 per month

$1,000.00 per year